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Re: wrapup for slink

On 18 Feb 1999, Mikolaj J. Habryn wrote:

>   Do we need to make a coordinated push to catchup with the i386
> packages? Or shall we save it for the official i386 lockdown?

As of today's diff update from Paul, there are only two or three packages
that need compiling (as far as updates), so I doubt a big push is needed.
We seem to have enough people compiling packages to handle the simpler

If someone could take a look at f2c, though, it would be greatly
appreciated.  I'm working on it, but probably not at a pace to fix it for
64-bitness in time.  Another puzzling thing is that f2c is somewhat
outdated (haven't checked the orphan list for it yet) and could probably
use the updates.  Even the new stuff needs 64-bit fixes, fyi....
It's not super complex, but it does need attention.  I'll post more about
it if someone is interested (even can cough up some patches that I've been
working on).


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