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[no subject] Re: 2nd try: anybody familiar with php4-curl? Abbestellen erfolgreich Aborting Sarge->Etch upgrade About the Calendar Extension... Re: Accessing berkely database files Accessing windows partition through debian etch Adding module to apache Re: Adding new disc Re: add memory and spam question addresses in /etc/network/interfaces Administration (+apt-get dist-upgrade) of 100s of machines advice on bug report All Read!! Re: Need DTP to replace PageMaker All that new tetex stuff Amarok and Last.FM: Works in 1.4.5 (experimental) Re: amavisd-new lässt sich nicht installieren Am I doing it right? ams.sty not found after updating to texlive Announcing Mailmin: a system for remote access and administration via secure (OpenPGP) email an't create VMware XP client on Etch host (keymap problem?) Any body running apd-1.0.1 with PHP5.2 on Etch/amd64 Re: Any feedback on Icedove? Any good and high quality music player? apache2 and proxy apache2: no listening sockets apache2 + ssl applying the patch APT configuration Acquire:Queue-Mode apt-get install synaptic / sources.list apt-get update failing on /stable/ security updates Aptitude Advanced Searching aptitude cancel actions aptitude "check" command? aptitude deleted most of packages!! aptitude dist-upgrade with error 404 Aptitude does not start aptitude + dpkg aptitude's default caching behavior Aptitude Segmentation Fault Aptitude, upgrade and pinning Re: apt-mirror trouble when using local repo apt-proxy and tilde character ~ Architecural modelling software Re: Are granite Asking the Real Question (was Re: Good Debian/Linux FTP Client program ???) aspell not in path for KMail ATI/AMD Radeon XPRESS 200M free driver audacity number fonts Audio Auditing free and non-free packages auto-install modules when installing a new kernel Automating Upgrades (was Re: Sarge -> Etch: A Painful Upgrade) AVM B1 not recognized with 2.6.18-4-k7 (etch) Backup: optical disk, and RAID BackupPC 2.1.2-6 on Debian Etch(stable) backup-restore question Bad cups printing after upgrade from sarge to etch bad sign Bash bashed by libc6 upgrade Re: Bash bashed by libc6 upgrade, more bash prompt won't wrap properly Batter Status without APM or ACPI Beautifying Debian Etch Re: Best File System for partitions over 600GB best practice: mixed 32/64 bit? bios time is not sdhowen by debian Re: bios time is not shown by debian Fwd: 8200600 blacklist problem Black screen before login Re: BLOCK: constant contact Blog about using Debian for a really small business... Re: Blog clients and the new Blogger Atom API bonding hardly compiled in the kernel Booting an iso file booting into fresh etch installation Booting without swap or make debian knows my swap Re: Bread Broken xserver-xorg in Sid btw: gnome desktop manager bug a Bug? Bug#417953: apt's Packages.diff: 7 days, but Christmas has 12 Re: Re: bugzilla: can not log on to default web site Building i386 Disk on AMD64 -- chroot Fails: Exec format error Burn files > 4 GB to DVD Can a maintainer remove stuff from Experimental? Can I move the content of all threads below one topic in the maillist into one single txt file? Re: Cannot write file > 1GB Canon camera problem Re: Canon camera problem (SOLVED) Re: can't create VMware XP client on Etch host (keymap problem?) can't find pv, vg, lv Can't install MySQL Can't mount pen drive Re: Can't mount pen drive (SOLVED -- Sort of) Re: Can't mount pen drive (SOVED -- Sort of) Can't see both NICs after upgrade to Etch Re: categories agricola cdda2wav lacks utf-8 or unicode support? CD organizer recommendations? cd organizer under linux suggestions Change Gnome window manager Change Gnome window manager from Metacity, back to Sawfish changing from 2.6.15 to 2.6.18 breaks ipw2200 support for IBM Thinkpad x40 Re: changing from 2.6.15 to 2.6.18 breaks ipw2200 support for IBM Thinkpad x40 Re: cheap LCD display checking if my system is compromised command to inentify the process that is listening in a port. Communications throughput problem compilation issues with a Gnome based app. compiling Xfce applications Compiz and button 8 Re: Complete system freeze from virtual terminals / terminal emulators Complete system freeze from virtual terminals / terminal emulators Re: Complete system freeze from virtual terminals / terminal emulators COMPOSITE Re: CONFIG_SOFTWARE_SUSPEND=y, ACPI, and uswsusp Configuration of a Powerbook G4 configure a graphics card configuring a SMC router with Debian Iceweasel Configuring networked printer Configuring OOo to use printer The last update was on 09:50 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 4853 messages. Page 1 of 10.

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