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Re: apt-get install synaptic / sources.list

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somethin2cool wrote:
>>>> It seems there are no perfect methods, but that apt works perfectly IF
>>>> you have all the repositories in there (although sucks at uninstalling).
>>>> Many many things I want are not in repositories for some reason, so I
>>>> have added the non-free repository which seems to have added to total of
>>>> 0 packages.
>>>> I'd like to add Sarge repos because Amaya isn't in the Etch ones, the
>>>> .deb moans about dependencies and synaptic, despite knowing what they
>>>> all are, has no option to just get them all (ha!).
>>>> So can anyone tell me how to add a Sarge repo, and also the Etch one.
>>>> Yes they ought to be set up already but they aren't and the information
>>>> is not on any link in Google's first 5 pages. I have looked of debian
>>>> man, which tells me how to make one from scratch (which is awesome, but
>>>> not what i want this month), and it either doesn't say what the
>>>> repository addresses are or it is hidden really really well. Surely the
>>>> repository addresses should be published on the website, but no.
>>>> Apparently this is to obvious to bother writing anywhere.

I was referring to the above paragraph (see below)

> If you try doing that, (mixing sarge into etch) you will likely break
> your system.  You'd be better off just downloading the tarball and
> installing that.
> But one thing I need to tell you.  You should change your attitude if
> you plan on getting more help.  Perhaps you'd be better off with a
> different OS that does things more the way you prefer them instead of
> berating Debian for the way it does things.
> As for uninstalling, it is quite simple.  In synaptic is it "Mark for
> Removal" or "Mark for Complete Removal"  from the command line:
> apt-get remove foo
> or
> apt-get remove --purge foo.
> There are others, such as aptitude and wajig that also work.
> Joe

> What do you mean my attitude is fine. You must be reading it looking for
> a bad attitude (or too used to people with one, or have one yourself).
> Just cos I think something is rubbish doesn't mean I have a bad
> attitude. When uninstalling an ap, dependencies which are no longer
> required should also be uninstalled. And when the program can list all
> dependencies, and it can get all dependencies as a separate process, it
> should be able to get all missing dependencies to fix an application. If
> you disagree with that, then you are not part of the solution. Argue all
> you like, that's not what the list is for.

On most of your messages there is no problem (although using a real name
would be a good idea on this list).  Rather than complaining that things
are "hidden" you could instead read the manuals that are available.
Now, I am not saying RTFM, although I certainly could.  I have helped
answered a few of your questions, and I will continue to do so if things
remain civil.

As for your above complaint about removing dependecies, Aptitude does
that just fine, although you do need to use it exclusively for it to
track the packages effectively, so by mixing package managers you will
confuse aptitude and it will not work as it is intended.

As for this list and arguing, you're quite wrong. People argue on this
list all the time.  You might notice that there are many different ways
to accomplish the same task and different people have different
preferences.  You want to see and argument, just mention KDE vs. Gnome
or better, search the archives in which you will find many.

Now this is getting way off topic, and getting us nowhere, so there is
no use arguing over this.  You stop complaining about the package
management and I'll stop telling you to change your attitude.  Deal?


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