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[OT] Re: Debian User List

Michael Pobega wrote:
> Oh, and the point of this mail is that I too fall into the "Young"
> group, seeing as I'm seventeen. While most of my friends have spent half
> the day boasting about how AOL has a new layout, I've been trying to get
> a LUG set up in my local area.

I'm 22, FWIW. I can't help but think whenever I happen upon sites like
this[0], things designed for people my age, "what an amazingly useless
waste of resources!"

[0] http://avatars.yahoo.com/ -- I was told this was the reason people
on my Jabber account's Yahoo transport roster had these strange
bobble-head buddy icons. Oh yeah, the "site requires Windows or OS X and
Flash for no good reason."

Andrew J. Barr
Thunderbird/ (compatible; Icedove 1.5; X11; en-US; Linux
2.6.21-rc7 ppc) (Debian/

"Why must I fail at every attempt at masonry?"
	-- Homer Simpson, "Mom and Pop Art" [AABF15]

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