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Re: Accessing windows partition through debian etch

Le dimanche 1 avril 2007 12:55, andy a écrit :
> Hi all
> I've run into a problem: the win98 partition on my wife's machine seems
> fried with a very unhelpful error message. I can access it in safe mode
> which is not very helpful because I want to back up the info from there
> onto a CD and safe mode doesn't recognise the cd-drive (!). So, my next
> option is to reach across the Debian/windows divide and bring the
> directories needed into the Debian partition. I used to be able to do
> this kind of thing using Slackware and with root permissions could
> access the windows partition quite readily. However, Debian just isn't
> picking up anything at all to do with the windows partition so I can't
> access it from within Deb.
> Is there a way I can do this, because if I run the windows setup (like
> the error message on windows is telling me to do) it'll toast the
> windows and the Debian partitions and lose everything.
> Any thoughts/help/advice? Please!

I guess all these partitions are on the same computer (?). First, you have to 
know which partition type windows is using : FAT or NTFS? Then you can mount 
it where you want with:

mount /dev/hda1 /where/you/want -t vfat -o quiet,ro,shortname=winnt

(replacing vfat by ntfs if needed). Windows is probably installed 
on /dev/hda1, run fdisk -l /dev/hda if you're not sure. The ro option ensures 
you won't have the right to write on it, preventing some disasters :) and 
shortname is required to keep the file names case. You can also make this 
permanent by adding a line in your fstab file (see man mount and fstab for 
more infos).

And no, reinstalling windows shouldn't touch the debian's partitions, unless 
you ask for it, but it will replace your boot loader and you'll have to 
reinstall it...

Cédric Lucantis

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