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Re: Administration (+apt-get dist-upgrade) of 100s of machines

Alex Samad wrote:
> If you have 100's of machines all in production or atleast all having to be
> kept to the same package setup.
> why not setup yor own repo (and extend it to your down release) could
> correspond to your SOE, when it comes time to update, go through the testing
> phase, once your happy with all the new packages move them into the SOA or
> alternatively create a new SOA. Do either a dist-upgrade automatically (should
> be no fear as you have run all those tests) or nightly do a update

If the setup is identical one can use cron-apt and it's own mirror which
he updates manually. He can also have the already mentioned machine with
the same setup in the test lab which he updates from an official mirror
and if satisfied with the update process and result can run the manual
update on the mirror that all the machines are using.

But again, those are solutions that may or may not work for the OP. It's
highly dependable on his situation.

Georgi Alexandrov

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