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Re: [OT] Dates and times in Icedove

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Wackojacko wrote:
> Michael M. wrote:
>> On Wed, 2007-04-25 at 19:08 +0200, Joe Hart wrote:
>>> Granted days like 12/04 could be confused for the 12th of April, but
>>> really mean the 4th of December.  Still, your system should know the
>>> real day, and really so should you.  Therefore, I am not asking for a
>>> fix, rather I am just pointing out the way it is on my system.
>> Here in Oregon, if it's December 4th, it's probably raining.
>> OTOH, if it's April 12th ...
>> ... it's probably raining.
>> I'm not seeing the difference! :-)
> Icedove has its own locale packages, you may need to install one of these.
> aptitude search icedove-locale
> Wackojacko

Ah, but if I do that, then the language of my menus and everything else
changes.  The LC_TIME variable on the other hand just fixes the dates to
display like they should, and leaves the rest of the things alone.  A
perfect solution to my date problem.  Florian's advice went straight
into my button, and now when I click on IceDove, it looks fine.  I would
imagine Ken has also implemented this, or he's still evaluating other MUAs.

As for the weather in Seattle, I can relate to that.  It rains a lot
here too.  That's good for the flowers that we export. ;)

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