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[Multi] Wireless Network Configuration

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In my effort to try to move away from programs like
network-manager-gnome I've set up my wireless network to start with the
Debian at boot time. 

The problem is that I'm frequently roaming (Family matters and personal
matters), and although I could just put multiple profiles in
/etc/network/interfaces and comment each one out in a per-area basis, I
would find it easier to have a program to manage my wireless network
choosing (Scanning for networks and choosing one based on a database of
"known" hosts, or something similar)

I'm also wondering if I could get ifplugd to play into this, or maybe
something like it. I would really like to have my computer automatically
check to see if there is an ethernet connection, and if there is use
that and not bother setting up my wireless networking.

Thanks ahead of time. 

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