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Re: apt-get install synaptic / sources.list

> Jochen Schulz wrote:
>>> Apt-get install synaptic
>>> And it came up with errors that the repositories do not exist. The DVD 
>>> Binary-1 was mounted.
>> Did you run 'apt-get update' before trying to install? If not, it
>> couldn't have possibly worked. Apt needs to know which packages are
>> available from every entry in sources.list.
> Ah! Thanks very much

I am glad it was so easy. :) BTW, there's the command 'apt-cdrom' which
you can use to add a CD-ROM or DVD to your sources.list. This should
work better than doing it manually. In fact, 'man apt-cdrom' says you
cannot do it manually at all and always have to use apt-cdrom.

You might want to take a look at the Debian Reference to get an overview
of Debian-related tools and concepts:

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