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Re: [OT] Re: Debian User List

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Andrew J. Barr wrote:
> Michael Pobega wrote:
>> Oh, and the point of this mail is that I too fall into the "Young"
>> group, seeing as I'm seventeen. While most of my friends have spent half
>> the day boasting about how AOL has a new layout, I've been trying to get
>> a LUG set up in my local area.
> I'm 22, FWIW. I can't help but think whenever I happen upon sites like
> this[0], things designed for people my age, "what an amazingly useless
> waste of resources!"
> [0] http://avatars.yahoo.com/ -- I was told this was the reason people
> on my Jabber account's Yahoo transport roster had these strange
> bobble-head buddy icons. Oh yeah, the "site requires Windows or OS X and
> Flash for no good reason."
Complete uselessness.  Talk about people without a life!  Maybe that's
why they need things like Second Life in the first place.

Kudos to you for not falling into the gutter with so many of your
generation.  These things might be fun the first time, but they get old
very fast.

BTW, I don't have Windows or OSX and I can view that site just fine.
Not that I will be using any of the services.  I've opted out of IM.
It's bad enough that I have a phone.


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