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Re: [OT] Graphics programming

Scribit Jan Willem Stumpel dies 05/04/2007 hora 13:51:
> What would be the easiest system to do this? Should I learn Java?  Or
> something else?

The Cairo library should probably offer everything you could want, and
more. It has numerous bindings for languages, so pick one. It's written
in C, and integrated in GTK+.

There are C++ bindings, which by the way make using the object oriented
nature of GTK+ probably easier to use. Debian already contains bindings
for Perl, Python, Ruby, C++, Ada, Java, .NET and two Scheme
implementations, AFAICT. These are bindings for GTK, so I'm not sure
they all provide access to Cairo, though.

See also <http://www.gtk.org/bindings.html>.

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