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[no subject] "Conflicts/Pre-Depends loop" & "APT::Force-LoopBreak" "shell-init" error while dist-upgrade operation (no subject) (OT) Beginner's Linux book recommendation (OT) L4-Hurd threads .bash_profile and xdm/KDE on Debian etch .gnomerc (or other init file) for gnome session? .htaccess and .htpasswd .htaccess and .htpassword Re: .pfb .pfm font files /dev/cdrom mounting Re: /dev/cdrom mounting and umount -l /dev/mouse & /dev/dsp missing ! Re: /dev/mouse & /dev/dsp missing! /etc/network/interfaces: sysctl in as "up" command doesn't work! /lib deleted /root/.ssh/authorized_keys and command= entries /tmp Cannot write: No space left on device 1057 P4 and P3 20 Pallets just right for a 40ft 2 wan + 2 fire + 1 mdz 2.6.12 and 2.6.13 won't access cdrom Re: 2.6.12 and 2.6.13 won't access cdrom -UPDATE 2.6.12 and ALSA 2.6.13 & a dvd reading issue 2.6.13 breaks vga= support? 230 million SLOC 3dfx graphic card 65% of members got laid : HELP: Debian hostap USB prism2 =?gb2312?B?MjAwNiBBc2lhIEludGVybmF0aW9uYWwgUHJpbnRlciBUZWNobm9sb2d5ICYgQ29uc3VtYWJsZSBF Re:Inkjet Cartridges unsubscribe PAYPAL SCHEME! MAKE £10,000 for doing nothing! just forward this email! It works Re: gmplayer not working Re: init scripts Re: treo 600 as a modem treo 600 as a modem TV-OUT !!! Re[4]: Давай встретимся сегодня pol'zujuschemsja Re[6]: Или он вам ненужен при путешествиях или заграничных командировках? ugu Re[8]: Обучение языку от носителей. ispol'zovav Re[3]: Ты много для меня значишь chur Re[3]: В подарок на СД интервью с выдающимися людьми США kakovye Your email was not delivered Передлагаем обменяться ссылками - TECHNICA-M [dual monitor] Second video card (Cirrus Logic 5446) doesn't work [Fwd: Re: back Up in CD] [Fwd: Re: just show which packages have updates available?] [Fwd: Re: Moved to sarge: Great, but no sound!] [Fwd: Re: operate system without keyboard] [Fwd: Segfault in Samba] and NOW? Re: [ot] database design guide ??? Re: [OT] Drawing a rectangle with Gimp [OT] SATA vs. SCSI [OT] thanks c++ gcc Qt! Re: [R] How to install R 2.2.0 Debian 'unstable' package in otherwise 'sarge' system Re: [Samba] [Fwd: Segfault in Samba] and NOW? [skype] X server and skype, that's a problem [Solved!] WiFi on Toshiba Sattelite A70 Atheros 5004X [SOLVED] Dhcp request on wrong eth [SOLVED] Re: find [SOLVED] Re: unable to install from CD: failure to mount once kernel installed [SOLVED]: Slow response of X Re: [ Re: portrserve, gidreserve, was Re: Debian Weekly News - October 25th] [Virus Detected - APAC] [xorg] H/V Sync of an old 17inch monitor [xserver-xorg] - can't install, reinstall, remove, upgrade nor purge package Re: AAAA domain bug in Sarge Package bind9 9.2.4 Abiword 2.4 and link-grammar About Apache about find About network traficc About php-mysql error Re: About php-mysql error Re: Access to multiple terminal windows? Account root re-creation Adaptect (and other) ATA cards Add which package to get mplayer to play an ogg stream? Adding new hardware after installation adding user to multiple groups AGRICULTURE - TECHNICAL TRANSLATION All rights reserved v.s All rights what? An alternative to ~/.xinitrc when using GDM ? amd64 install bug amd64 kernel on i386 sarge system AMD64 with Debian Amusing pdf print puzzle Announcing any idea if this works on Debian? Any statically-linked binaries out there? Anyone know how to do a "timed program" with mplayer? Re: Anyone recommend a multi-serial card apache support for php and cgi scripts apache-php file creation question Apache/PHP/Oracle 9i on Debian Sarge apache2 auth-ldap debugging? Re: apache2 mod_perl sarge not working APM suspend lost! (mypost: 4octrl3) apt authentication? Re: apt gui Apt Needs Counseling apt upgrade gives error while retrieving bugs apt-0.6 off line usage apt-build suggestions Apt-build world problems apt-cache search XXX segfault under locale zh_CN apt-get and authentication Re: apt-get command help apt-get install without internet connection apt-get update no longer functional after apt-get dist-upgrade earlier this morning apt-get update problems apt-get: how to remove old config files? APT: ubuntu-version of libgcc1=dependencies issue Aptitude WARNING: untrusted source Re: Aptitude WARNING: untrusted source [SOLVED?] Archive (or package) signing Ask the Cluster Expert Asterisk PBX in Debian ASUS extreme ax600xt-td cannot get it to work! ati driver problem ati radeon x600 with etch Audio i/o Audio player error (amarok) auth.log authinticating email with a windows domain automating lynx AUTOMOUNT and SMBFS: A few questions back Up in CD Re: backup compress on the fly Re: backup plan bare metal Re: backup plan for home server backup scheme install [was Ready to join the club..] backupPC on sarge Bandwidth by port Bash commands Re: Basic question about recompiling program with different options Basic question about recompiling program with different options Basic routing problem Re: bayesian filter training question best cheap sound card best hardware spec for fileserver Best practices for installing Debian in a new disk? Best way to copy a video dvd Best way to restrict users to "one" application BIND 9 Question bind+apache+2 nics bind9 in debian vserver wont start Bitstream Vera on ATerm BitTorrent Bogue sur l'écran de connexion Boot freeze @ "Kernel Freeing Memory" Boot loader option boot process stalls at "Configuring network interfaces ..." Boot Sequence SATA Problems Re: boot stalls on ntpdate [was bootlog, control of modules] Re: bootlog [was: control of modules?] bootlog not working in etch Bourn Shell Script While Loop Problems Re: Bourn Shell Script While Loop Problems Solved. Brain transplant - SOLVED Brain transplant for Debian testing box. The last update was on 21:01 GMT Mon Mar 14. There are 3356 messages. Page 1 of 7.

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