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Re: /dev/cdrom mounting

> On Monday 17 October 2005 17:19, J Merritt wrote:
> >
>> So what I do
> is shell out, su, and
> > 'mount -r /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom'. This works fine
> for reading a single CD
> > or DVD. However, after I enter the command, it
> will not allow me to
> > 'umount /dev/cdrom'. It keeps saying the device is
> busy.

--- Justin Guerin <jguerin@cso.atmel.com> wrote:

> You should check out the fuser command.  The -m
> switch may help.  Once you 
> figure out which process is accessing the mounted
> disk, you can stop that 
> process.
> Alternately, if you can't stop the process, you can
> do a lazy unmount.  
> Check the umount man page for a complete
> description.
> As others have said, you'll have to install the
> autofs package to get 
> automounting, or use one of the other suggested
> solutions.

Recently I ran 'apt-cdrom add /dev/cdrom' to add
repository index to Synaptic. The disc would not eject
even after apt-cdrom had unmounted it. I did a 'umount
/dev/cdrom' and it said the device was not mounted, of
course. It would not eject, period. Therefore, I
logged out to the Debian GUI start page and logged
back in. In that case, it ejected as soon as I closed
out the KDE session. This error is in addition to the
device not being able to umount once it has been
mounted by almost any process.

I have installed autofs but have not been using it

Perhaps there is some other conflict here? Anyone have
any ideas?

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