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Re: AMD64 with Debian

On Sat, Oct 01, 2005 at 08:33:50PM -0700, Jacob wrote:
> Has anyone gotten Debian running on an AMD64 with PCI Express & Gigabit
> Lan....
> I really would like to see some documentation or a tutorial so I can get
> this stuff all up and running....
> Hardware
>    - AMD64 3200+
>    - 1 Gig 400 MHZ RAM
>    - Ati/Diamond x300se - 128 MB PCI Express
>    - Marvell Gigabit Lan (I have the Linux Driver, but I haven't
>    installed it yet..)
> Jake
> --
> (\__/)
> (='.'=)
> (")_(")

I'd have thought you could get a base system up and running without
problems. If the text mode install doesn't work - then you have bigger
problems :(

I've just installed on a vaguely similar machine: the graphics card
wasn't PCI-E, though and the ethernet was a different onboard chip set.

Start out with the Sarge DVD's for AMD64 - you should be able to find
them from links from http://cdimage.debian.org - and go from there.

[Andy - who has just had the pleasant experience of migrating lots
of installed apps from i386 to amd64 just by using dpkg --get-selections
- lots of apps installed on one machine: use the above, tell dselect
to install the selected packages - voila :) - total time about 20
minutes. Now to migrate the accounts :) ]


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