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Re: back Up in CD

On Mon, 3 Oct 2005, Trey Sizemore wrote:

> On Mon Oct 03, 2005 04:33PM, Luis Garay wrote:
> > Hi, im really new in Linux and newer in Debian. i'm trying to make athe back up
> > of a directory thas weights 3 gig's, but i need to storage this in CD, how can
> > i make the iso images this size?? Sorry, my english is pretty bad.

you can make 5x 700MB cd's if you wanted to

	- you can make it fit yourself by selecting the files
	- let cat(split), mkiso break up the 3GB file into 5x 700MB chunks

- no matter what, its too much work ... cheaper to buy a $10 10G disk
  and leave it powered off

c ya

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