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Re: apache2 mod_perl sarge not working

On mandag 03 oktober 2005, 03:55, marek wrote:
> Is there any documentation on how mod_perl2 differs in Sarge from the
> official release?

There is the renaming documentation: 
which details the renaming that was performed on the Release Candidate 
that was sent out after the version that is in sarge, so you can 
interprete that document as "what didn't happen".

Then, there is the changelog:
The version in Sarge is 1.999_21, so there is everything above that.

> In addition does anyone know when the "official" release of mod_perl2
> will be included in Sarge?

Most probably, the answer to that is "never". However, all hope is not 
lost, because Norbert Tretkowski maintains a backport repository, and 
you can get the packages from there:

mod_perl 2.0.1 itself:

and quite likely you'd want this too:

They are (AFAIK) not apt-getable yet.

I have not tested these packages, but I believe they have not changed 
since he made the packages we run at work in production, which has 
proved themselves under very high loads. So, these are recommendable.

> And could I help in getting the official release into Sarge?

It is a highly complex question. The policy for updates to Sarge is 

Now, I'd argue that using these packages _would_ result in an overly 
broken system. However, if there are people out there, and there may 
well be, who have developed their apps knowing full well that the final 
release never made it to sarge, updating these packages will break 
their system. And even though I would never run the packages in Sarge 
in production, I can understand people making an argument that it 
should not happen in a point release. That's the stability you get, 
you'll never break a system that works by an upgrade.

So, well, I think the simple solution here is to use the backports... 


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