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Re: Audio i/o

Antony Gelberg wrote:

Roger Creasy wrote:


I am trying to use an audio editing/recording program named Audacity. When I start the program, I an error saying that it failed to initialise the audio i/o error. I changed the ownership of /dev/dsp to the user and set permissions to 666. Now if I first run 'killall artsd' Audacity starts with no errors. The problem that I have is that I did not have to do these things with a previous install of my os. Any ideas as to how I can just run the program without the work around?

If you joined #debian, the dpkg bot would tell you (as part of unix lessons), not to screw with permissions. What you really want to do is add your user to the audio group.

Are you using kde or gnome? What you have to do is disable arts so that it doesn't start by default. But this will cause problems if you are using kde (sounds won't work). The /dev/dsp files should be permission 660 (they are on my installation). To add yourself to the audio group, run "groups roger" to get a list of groups you are in already, then as root run "groups -G roger dialout cdrom etc roger" where the last entry is your username, and everything between -G and the last entry are the groups you want to be in.


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