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Re: Boot freeze @ "Kernel Freeing Memory"

What you say...Hose (subscriptions@bluemaggottowel.com):

> I have this weird problem - the kernel freezes on reboots at "Kernel
> Freeing Memory" BUT continues on if someone at the console taps the
> enter key a few times.  Anyone know what that's all about?
> I did some searches on the issue and have come across scant information,
> though they all seem to point to a bad kernel compile.  In that vein, I
> am in the process of building a new kernel (with make-kpkg) though it
> took me a few days because the server went down, I was unavailable to be
> there physically, and it got stuck in the boot cycle at "Kernel Freeing
> Memory".  Might it also be related to a bad hard drive?  Far fetched,
> but it's something that was a problem up until recently when we took it
> out.

I built a new kernel and removed the hard drive - still the same thing.
I checked dmesg and the boot log, but nothing is throwing out errors.
I've even looked at /etc/rcS.d.  It first tries to mount devfs (but
doesn't because the kernel has already done it), then the virtfs'.
Nothing seems out of place.  This is driving me crazy... why would
hitting enter on the keyboard a few times enable the server to continue

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