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Re: BIND 9 Question

On Thu, Oct 13, 2005 at 09:19:20AM -0400, Timothy Spear wrote:
> I have looked at how Debian configured BIND. If you read the readme
> files, they have split the zone files to two locations. One in
> /etc/bind for permanent data and /var/cache/bind/ for transient data
> (such as when BIND is the secondary server). I can follow that logic,
> but I cannot follow or deduce the reasons they split the configuration
> the way the have. It seems very arbitrary and geared towards the home
> office configuration (just my perception).

If you mean the *{local,options} stuff, it makes sense. Take for example
when verisign added a wildcard to DNS for .com/.net; the debian bind
package's named.conf could have the delegation-only stuff added to it
and an upgrade would get that change without clobbering your

Jon Dowland

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