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Re: adding user to multiple groups

Basanta Shrestha wrote:

> Hi List,
> Can any help me? I use debian. I need to add a new user which would be
> member of multiple groups. I have to do this using simple "adduser
> $username" command( without using "usermod" command . Here is my
> /etc/default/useradd file

I don't have that file on my system.  What package did it come from? 
(According to man adduser the relevant file is "/etc/adduser.conf".)

>> GROUP=100
>> HOME=/home
>> SHELL=/bin/bash
>> SKEL=/etc/skel
>> GROUPS=audio
> The user is not added to the audio group.

If you've already created the user bob (for example) and want to add group
audio to his account:

# adduser bob audio

According to man adduser:
"adduser [options] user group"
"If called with two non-option arguments, adduser will add an existing user
to an existing group."

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