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Re: back Up in CD

Really thanks for your help.


On 10/3/05, Jerome BENOIT <jgmbenoit@mailsnare.net> wrote:

Mike McCarty wrote:
> Luis Garay wrote:
>> Hi, im really new in Linux and newer in Debian. i'm trying to make
>> athe back
>> up of a directory thas weights 3 gig's, but i need to storage this in CD,
>> how can i make the iso images this size?? Sorry, my english is pretty
>> bad.
>>  Thanks
>>  lgaray

> Another is to use tar or cpio to create the image, then run
> split to cut it up into CD sized images, and convert each
> piece independently to ISOs and burn them. This can, of
> course, be done even if one uses compression.
> Also, one doesn't necessarily have to back up everything at
> one time. It might be possible to back up different parts of
> the directory tree.
> You could do a complete backup using tar or cpio, then split
> the archive, and burn CDs. Will take about 3 or 4. Then on a regular
> basis just backup what has changed. This hopefully won't require
> making a tar or cpio archive larger than a CD.

This are more or less what backup2l is doing.
But everything is ready to be used.
This an important when you a newbie.


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