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.gnomerc (or other init file) for gnome session?


For a long time I used the file ~/.gnomerc to setup my environment
variables and start other init-time apps for Gnome sessions (I use gdm
and gnome-session).  It was apparently read in such a way that
environment variables set there were inherited by all apps started in
the X session -- very handy!

Now I've upgraded my packages for the first time in a long time (I got
an ADSL line and moved from and out-of-date testing system to a
completely up-to-date unstable), and the above has suddenly stopped
working:  none of the apps I start in gnome seem to have my environment
variables set.  So I can only guess that either gdm/gnome-session (or
whoever it is that used .gnomerc) has stopped using .gnomerc, or that
the way it's used has changed so that environment variables are not

Does anyone know what's going on?  Is there a "blessed" way to setup
your environment variables for the entire Gnome session?

Some package versions (I dunno what else is relevant):

   ii  gdm        GNOME Display Manager
   ii  gnome-session  2.10.0-8       The GNOME 2 Session Manager


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