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Re: back Up in CD


Luis Garay wrote:
Hi, im really new in Linux and newer in Debian. i'm trying to make athe back up of a directory thas weights 3 gig's, but i need to storage this in CD, how can i make the iso images this size??

The major issue is not to make an ISO of this size,
but to burn it on a CD. Note that you can burn it on a DVD.

I quite sure that you can reduce the size of your directory by cleaning it
or/and selecting the key files or/subdirectory.

In fact, you may use backup tools to do so.

Personnaly I use backup2l to backup the important parts of my box:
~1.4GB that I can burn on a small DVD, or 2 CD (backup2l can slip the backup for you).

Note that there are other alternative.


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