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Re: about find

Michael Marsh wrote:
On 10/8/05, Nevruz Mesut Sahin <databasearia@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hello how can I find files which contents a string in it. For example
/www/xyz/hdx.php. File hdx.php  conteins "welcome here" and I want to seach
all system( / ) which conteins "welcome here" then machine shows
/www/xyz/hdx.php. Thanks

I'd use

$ find / -name '*' -exec grep -l "welcome here" {} \;

I'd always include a -type for something like that, otherwise what happens is that grep tries to run on some pipe in /dev/ and hangs forever.

find / -name '*' -type f -exec grep -l "welcome here" {} \;

This assumes that the file is of type f=regular file. For other types see the find man page:

     -type c
             File is of type c:

             b      block (buffered) special

             c      character (unbuffered) special

             d      directory

             p      named pipe (FIFO)

             f      regular file

             l      symbolic link

             s      socket

The nice thing about using find is that you can limit the depth of the
search, restrict it to directories on the current filesystem, specify
a more restrictive filename pattern, or perform other tests.  It's
also good to know how to use with the "-exec" flag because it can
essentially make any command recursive.

Michael A. Marsh

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