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Re: init scripts

---- Wiadomość Oryginalna ----
Od: "L.V.Gandhi" <lvgandhi@gmail.com>
Do: debian-user <debian-user@lists.debian.org>
Data: Mon, 10 Oct 2005 12:29:30 +0530
Temat: init scripts

> 1) In /etc/inittab run level is 2. In etc/rc2.d/ there is no
> discover/hotplug link. But discover and hotplug are run. How is it
> 2) I get in boot as below
> Mon Oct 10 10:34:04 2005: Starting Hardware abstraction layer:
> hald.c:302: Your kernel does not support capabilities; some
features will
> not be available.
> What are the options in kernel config which helps hal?
> 3) I get "already loaded" messages while boot. I have removed
discover. I
> have hotplug. How to know why modules loading duplicated.
> I run sarge with self compiled kernel <>
> with oldconfig

1.look into inittab , the first rc? should be rcS.d !(check and
mount partions,load modules ! ,hotplug etc. )
2.I have no idea
3.alreadey loaded deasn't mean that modules are duplicated.
 rcS.d load modules from kernel --> hotplug too.
I propose to remove hotplug and other similar things :) and use
modprobe (to load module manualy when You need it)


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