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Re: backup plan for home server

On 10/1/2005 2:20:06 AM, Chris Purves wrote:
>On 01/10/05, Bogdan Calmac <bc4all@verizon.net> wrote:
>> Scenario 1:
>>   - configure the two drives for software RAID
>>   - weekly backup of unreproducible data (such as pictures) to the network
>> (tar or rsync?)
>I don't have any experience with RAID, but I have been using backuppc
>for managing backups for over the last year at my company and it works
>great.  Generally it is set up to use rsync for backing up a linux
>machine and then compress the backup files.
>The main benefit for you of backuppc would be that it allows for
>multiple snapshots of whatever you back up, hourly if you want.
>I'm sure other programs offer similar functionality.
>Take care, eh.

After doing backups to tape for a long time using things lika Amanda, I
finally settled on my own approach which actually works decently for me. I
have a primary Linux server here at home which does samba, vpn, apache, nfs.
I setup a second linux box on some older hardware with a 3ware 2 port SATA
controller and 2 250g sata drives. I found a really good resource for doing
rsync backups and followed some/most of it one way or the other.


Thats the overall place I went to read about rsync backups. What I do is
simply do cron jobs that backup several directories to the second box
including samba shares like documents, mp3s. I also save all my mail folders

This approach works really well for me. The backup box is configured as a
RAID1 array and I exported the ssh keys between them. So I have like 250g
total for backups. When I want to go bigger, I'll probably just get a 4 port
SATA controller and buy 2 more drives or something.

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