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Re: amd64 kernel on i386 sarge system

"Brendan Hack" writes...

> Can
> someone please ease my mind and let me know how safe it is to switch kernels
> like this. I have plenty of experience messing around with kernels,
> compiling my own and setting up systems which boot to different kernel
> versions so can set this up no problems but just want to make sure that
> I won't have any compatibility issues when downgrading from the amd64
> kernel to the k7. Can anyone see any issues with doing this?

Which userspace are you using i386 or amd64? If the former then you should 
have no problems, if the latter it won't work at all.

The main way to install amd64 for quite a while was "pure64" meaning both an 
amd64 kernel and full amd64 userspace. But more recently I think it's been 
possible to install i386 and then just upgrade the kernel. Use file(1) to 
check some of the system commands and see what type they are, or look at 
sources.list to see where it's pointing.


Matt Taggart

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