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Re: apache2 mod_perl sarge not working

On lørdag 01 oktober 2005, 03:47, marek wrote:
> Thanks for pointing out my mistake in the <Location> directive.
> I have corrected that and added the Options +ExecCGI. Now
> the script is functioning.

There's one thing you might want to note with mod_perl2 in Sarge, 
though: Debian has an alpha of mod_perl2 that had a different API than 
the final release. Thus, anything you develop using mod_perl2 in Sarge 
will not work for any others, and it will stop working once you upgrade 
to the official release, and anything any others develop for mod_perl2 
will not work under Sarge. Therefore, I would strongly advice against 
using mod_perl2 in Sarge. I have discussed it with the upstream 
developers, and that's advice too.


Kjetil Kjernsmo
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