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Re: An alternative to ~/.xinitrc when using GDM ?

All Nicks Are Taken:
> Hey... I've just swapped from the regular 'startx' method to GDM, and I'm
> looking for some way to launch all my apps (panel, wallpaper setting, xrdb
> -load ~/.Xdefaults etc...).

GDM can launch various different sessions. You can choose one of them
in the "Session" menu. IIRC the first entry is labelled "Debian Default"
or something like that. This one should execute ~/.xsession if it
exists. I think is has to be sourcable as a shell script.

When writing your ~/.xsession, beware that your X session ends when the
script terminates. So put your WM at the end without an '&' at the end
of line. Other programs which neither terminate (like xsetroot) nor
put themselves in the background need to have the '&' or else they will
be blocking your login.

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