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3.1 kde debs from Karolina [SOLVED/Bug?] Re: Mystery of the vanishing session an additional clue after dist-upgrading konsole won't load: returns SIGSEGV error Agypten enabling KMail Apps won't start apt (dpkg?) problem with Karolina's debs apt-get failure Apt-get mirror problems: arts - libarts etc. Audio Problem battery charge monitor Beware official Qt packages bravo on new 3.1 packages... broken packages for 3.1 Re: Build times? Building debs from CVS Building kdelibs (unstable) from source package? Building packages using dh_make (was: k3b) Closing window by double clicking menu in KDE 3.1 Colors in Konsole? Constant trouble with swf/flash Correction: KDE 3.0.x incompatible with libfontconfig1=2.1-8 Re: KDE 3.0.x deb's incompatible with unstable libqt (2:3.1.1+cvs.20021220-1) Customization questions Re: Debian as a social group and how to develop it better Debian KDE maintainer burnout??? (was: Warning) Dependency problem with Karolina's KDE 3.1RC5 Desktop device icons in KDE 3.1 dialy wine: for woody? Failure building arts 1.0.5 for PowerPC FIXED!!! Re: Karolina's KDE 3.1RC5 packages - K Menu Issues... fixt font problem flash (again?) Font problems with kde3.1 Fonts in konsole - again Re: GCC 3.2 migration Re: How compile Keramik? How do set environment variables prior to running kdevelop Re: How do set environment variables prior to running kdevelop (SOLVED) Re: How to get Anti-aliasing to work howto install kde 3.0.5 Hurrah, Ralf Norden (was: Re: New debs for woody) I cannot compile qt apps imlib problems and KDE builds for woody Instructions for Karolina's KDE3.1 packages? Issues downloading Karolina's packages. k3b kaplan Kappfinder (- K Menu Issues...) Karolina debs - font anti-aliasing not working Karolina's 3.1 debs karolina's debs Karolina's debs Karolina's KDE 3.1RC5 broke my SDL development. Karolina's KDE 3.1RC5 packages - K Menu Issues... Karolinas 3.1rc5? Karolinia'a KDE 3.1 RC5 and OpenGL screensavers kde 3 in woody - why so hard KDE 3.0.5a Packages for Woody uploaded KDE 3.0.x deb's incompatible with unstable libqt (2:3.1.1+cvs.20021220-1) KDE 3.05a from 3.02 KDE 3.1 on sarge KDE 3.1rc5 kdb2html KDE and Mozilla 1.2 KDE bug report: Mutex destroy failure kde debs from Karolina KDE RC3 ! Re: kde won't start in woody kde-i18n-* Kde2 on woody 3.0R0 stop anormally on start KDE3 + woody KDE3.1RC5 + fontconfig + libfontconfig = still no AA Re: kded accessing HD every 500ms? Kdeinit4 , 3.1 debs KDevelop 2.1.4 and KDoc for woody uploaded kdevelop 2.1.4 build problem Kdevelop problems - no kdm from Karolina's debs does not run Xwrapper by default kfouleggs & kpat kile (comparable with lyx?) kmail no longer setting message-ID? KMail Question RE: Opening Pictures kmail relocation error Re: kmail: delete multiple mails KOffice depends Re: koffice packages koffice-1.2.1 included in kde-3.1-branch debs Konq 3.0.5 extraordinary slowness on certain sites Konq and Novell FTP servers Konq slows in long sessions Konqueror can not handle HTML Fwd: Konqueror Shortcuts ??? KPackage failing for lack of Re: kpilot and kalendar/kab conduits KPP always dies KPrint prefs corruption libarts1* and kvirc3 in kde 3.1.0+kl-1 libc6/java (was Re: dialy wine: for woody? Liquid debs Looking for sponsor for Geramik packages Magiconf MD5sum problems with packages kfouleggs & kpat minimized apps Miscellaneous issues Missing binary packages? Missing libkonq-data mp3 encoding under kde 3 Mystery of the vanishing session New debs for woody Re: new kde 3.1 packages from Ralph Nolden and file handles new kde 3.1 packages from Ralph Nolden and Konsole new kde 3.1 packages from Ralph Nolden and screen blanking Noatun crashes on startup Re: Noatun crashes on startup (Somewhat fixed..) Normal users can't login.. Re: Normal users can't login.. (FIXED) NoteEdit for KDE 3.1? Phonetic Russian Keyboard Problem with LinuxToday and Konqueror Problems with kreatecd Problems with the new libpng12-0 in sid PSI Sound problems qt-3.1.1 out Quanta is too slow Ralf's debs + Woody/Sid system Re Konqueror shortcuts ??? Reducing KDE 3.1's memory footprint. Replace broken mouse button w/ keyboard combination(?) Russian myspell Russian Phonetic Keyboard, pt 2 scroll bars flashing in konqueror (home dir) Re: SOLVED: kdevelop again... some problems with kde 3.1.0-rc5 stephansstift Strange text marking behaviour subscribe RE: suid root Issue suid root? Today's libpng 1.2.5-8 good? Triple success with hobbiton packages trouble with kdeprint Re: trouble with kdeprint: more information Re: trouble with kdeprint: one more additional clue unsubscribe unsuscribe Upgrade from kde 3.0.4 to 3.1 rc5 on unstable? help! Vim Component volume control Warning woody deb's for 3.1 branch..... Woody debs of the KDE_3_1_BRANCH available Re: Woody debs of the KDE_3_1_BRANCH available -kdepim and noatun a workaround: final posting since no help Yet another AA question The last update was on 06:57 GMT Sun Jun 16. There are 498 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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