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Apt-get mirror problems:

Up until recently, I've been using ftp1.sourceforge.net/debian in my 
sources.list to fetch my Debian updates, but recently, that mirror, and all 
the other Sourceforge mirrors stopped working.  That's a shame, because I've 
found Sourceforge's mirrors to be fast and reliable.  Are Sourceforge's 
Debian mirrors down for good?

Since then, I've switched to ftp.us.debian.org, but frequently during dselect 
or apt-get upgrades, I get lots of 404 errors, even though I do an apt-get 
update to make sure I have an updated set of package lists.  Apparently 
ftp.us.debian.org is not in total sync with the source.

So what's with all the Debian mirror brain damage these days?  And are there 
any mirrors out there left that work?

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