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Re: Konq slows in long sessions

OK, that is strange. Right after I send the message, Konqi starts behaving. It 
might have something to do with uninstalling the konqplugins, which I did a 
few minutes earlier. 

Or maybe it's just a case of bugs disappearing when you try to tell someone 
about them :-}


On Monday 09 December 2002 05:51 am, Matt Sheffield wrote:
> I recently upgraded to KDE 3.0.5 and am now finding that after my KDE
> session has lasted about 2 or 2.5 hours, Konqueror begins halting for about
> a half-second when I navigate to directories or refresh the display of a
> directory. I notice no inordinate processor use and all my other apps seem
> to be responding just normally (including KDE ones). I started konqueror
> from the console and see no error messages, either.
> Thanks for any help on this point.
> _mws_

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