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Re: Colors in Konsole?

On Tue, 10 Dec 2002, Hendrik Sattler wrote:
> I am wondering what I am supposed to choose.
> I like the paper background but then some colored texts from ls and emacs
> output are unreadable (e.g. the light green). I know that this is
> configurable but it would be too much configuration for everytime I change my
> mind.
> White on Black: the size of the window is still black text and thus not
> readable. Am I really supposed to e.g. change _all_ modes in e.g. emacs
> because some fonts (e.g. diff-mode) has black text defined: very bad.
> Black on White: wow, this is hard on my eyes and the same restrictions as
> paper background apply.
> So, is there really not optimal way?
> Should I file bug reports for e.g. emacs?

Black on a light gray or ivory works for me.
I've told KDE to use a gray for the std background,
Konsole defaults to "System Colors",
and I do RMB->Schema->... for the odd prg which looks bad.

> PS: I have "alias emacs='emacs -nw'" defined because the emacs GUI look
> horrible and has very ugly fonts. And no, defining crap such as usable fonts
> for every single app is not an option.

I guess when you have apps coming in from all different directions,
you will either have to reconfigure colors lots or live with it.

- Bruce

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