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Re: kde 3 in woody - why so hard

From: Stephen Birch

>I guess I don't get this.
>The advantage of debian over all other distributions is meant to be the ease
>of upgrades. Indeed, it is VERY well done, the apt mechanism is a beautiful
>piece of software engineering.
>So how come kde isn't trivial to upgrade?
>In my new user naivety, I would have thought you could just add the kde.org
>site to sources.list and apt-update/apt-upgrade.

It _is_ trivial, as long as you stick to the official Debian packages. The
disadvantage of Debian has always been recognized that that means you don't get
much cutting edge software. If you insist on using packages that haven't yet
been allowed even into sid, you can expect some problems.  As it is, I had no
trouble at all installing KDE 3.0 on top of sarge. It removed a number of my
KDE2 packages, and I then had to find KDE3 versions of those, but everything

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