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Re: Debian KDE maintainer burnout??? (was: Warning)

> My post isn't supposed to be an insult to anyone, rather a wake up call that 
> we Debian & KDE have an alful lot of work going on in the front lines 
> (debian-kde) and the back end (CVS HEAD, third party applications), but there 
> is also an alwful lot of duplication going on which we can ill afford in 
> Debian.

Certainly the packaging effort itself (i.e., working on patches and
everything in debian/) is not (in theory) duplicated, since it's all
committed to KDE CVS.  As soon as one developer fixes or changes something
it's made available to everyone.

(With the exception of Karolina's debs which AFAIK forked from CVS some
time ago, but Ralf's packages use the debian stuff in CVS and indeed he
also commits his updates as do the official maintainers).

Thus, again with the exception of Karolina's debs, the only work that is
in theory duplicated is the actual compilation which really *has* to be
duplicated since the various archives are built in different
environments (woody vs sid, gcc-2.95 vs gcc-3.2, etc).

I'm actually quite happy with the current situation, and as I see it
the tasks are reasonably well divided.  I for instance take care of the
packaging for modules x, y and z, but someone else (e.g., Ralf) takes care
of building the binaries under an environment that's consistent with the
other modules that he also builds.  And of course when he discovers
problems he fixes them and commits to CVS so the updates are passed
back to me.

Of course I speak only for myself, others' opinions may differ. :)

Honestly, if we can only get that upload into sid I believe most of our
current problems will simply go away.

Happy new year. :)


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