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Re: kdevelop 2.1.4 build problem

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On Monday 09 December 2002 4:24 pm, Paolo Ulivi wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 08, 2002 at 11:24:38PM +0000, Alan Chandler wrote:
> > I am trying to build kdevelop 2.1.4 debs from the release tar ball. (To
> > go with my gcc-3.2 compiled kde 3.1-rc debs).
> >
> > However, it fails near the end complaining that there is no
> > debian/htdig.conf file to copy .  I can see from CVS that there never was
> > this file in place, so I can only assume it is created during the build
> > itself.  But I can see whats how.
> It was missing in 2.1.3 tarball also, see the archive for a message by
> me on this topic.  My fix was to add debian/htdig.conf from the kdevelop
> package from sid, but I think you can found it (or some other fix) on
> the mantainer's site, http://p.d.o/~njordan/.  You can find it, with all
> my fixes, in the archive of this ML, too.

Thanks, I'll take a look

Actually, I came to the conclusion these were just example files and were 
probably the result of splitting up the README.htdig file in the top dir, 
that I would just comment out the install lines that failed.

I'll go back and build them in again now.

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Alan Chandler
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