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Re: Debian KDE maintainer burnout??? (was: Warning)

On Tue, Dec 31, 2002 at 09:56:04AM +1100, Mark Purcell scrawled:
> I would just like to publically thank you for the work you have done with the 
> KDE3 branch and your Debian packages. Your efforts in putting together the 
> Debian KDE 3 packages has been greatly appreciated by many Debian users who 
> would otherwise not be able to access the KDE3 environment.

They're doing excellently, as are the rest of the team: Chris Cheney,
Ben Burton, Daniel Schepler, and Norman Jordan.

> I am a little concerned that you both seem to be trying to maintain the Debian 
> KDE3 packages with some constraints which other Debian package maintainers do 
> not have to put up with.  These constraints are even more important given the 
> size and complexity of KDE3.

IMHO no one person can maintain KDE, it should be split up, or delegated
to a team. I tried once, failed dismally.

> While I fully understand the gcc-3.2 issues managing a package suite the size 
> of KDE3 requires management of a whole lot of issues other than just ABI 
> compatability. You have both been doing a fantastic job trying to manage 
> these other issues and the fact that many of us can run Debian KDE3 packages 
> is testament to your management of these issues.
> Some of the Debian resources which are available to other packages, but the 
> Debian KDE3 packages have been excluded from using include the Bug Tracking 
> System, the Package tracking system, quality assurance web portal, Package 
> mirrors, multi-architecture autobuilders as well as the management framework 
> of having progressively tested distributions through; stable; testing; 
> unstable and experimental distributions. Also not to mention a distributed 
> approach to package management though a large number of package maintainers 
> who can work together on achieving a common release/ software base. (Most 
> third party KDE3 applications are no longer available as Debian packages.)

This is because KDE3 hasn't yet been uploaded to the archive. When it
does get uploaded, we'll have access to all these useful features.

> I have made some suggestions in the past about creating a 'staging ground' for 
> KDE3 packages (using the experimental distribution).  A place were the full 
> resources of Debian can be applied to the inclusion and development of a 
> stable KDE.  

Packages in experimental don't get the BTS, PTS, etc. experimental is
not considered part of the archive; just like
http://download.[cc].kde.org and http://people.debian.org aren't.

> KDE 3.0 was released nine months ago, there has been extensive effort expended 
> in the generation of Debian packages, but all of this effort has been 
> constrained to preclude the full resources of Debian to the development of 
> KDE3. The net result has been that KDE2.2 remains the officially supported 
> version in Debian GNU/Linux.
> I for one, and I'm sure there would be many others in the Debian community, 
> would be happy for either or both of you to become the official Debian 
> maintainers for KDE.  Goodness knows you have been doing that job in a 
> defacto capacity for a number of months...

This is an insult to Chris and everyone else working on KDE. I have put
in a (rather minor) effort testing and doing the release work for some
releases, but Chris Cheney has also put in a *lot* of work in his
official capacit as maintainer. He currently has packages available -
those are the ones that will be going into sid. "orth" also does
packages, basically from CVS HEAD. It's also an insult to Daniel
Schepler, Ben Burton and Norman Jordan, the maintainers of kdegames,
kdetoys, kdeedu, koffice, quanta and kdevelop.

Daniel, failed ex-maintainer ;)

Daniel Stone 	     <daniel@raging.dropbear.id.au>             <dstone@kde.org>
Developer - http://kopete.kde.org, http://www.kde.org

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