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Re: kdevelop 2.1.4 build problem

On Sun, Dec 08, 2002 at 11:24:38PM +0000, Alan Chandler wrote:

> I am trying to build kdevelop 2.1.4 debs from the release tar ball. (To go 
> with my gcc-3.2 compiled kde 3.1-rc debs).

About this topic, I would say my opinion, and listen to other's.

[1] Compiling QT3 with gcc 3.2 means to loose the OpenGL support.  This
isn't a terrible thing, tough, because most people doesn't need it, but

[2] A couple of days ago QT3's maintainer reverted his debian dir to
gcc 2.95, stripping all "c" from package's names that needed it.  This
means that you can't upgrade your QT3 without redoing all of the debian
dir by yourself.

[3] After RC5 release (KDE_3_1_BRANCH) a couple of bug-fixes where
applied to QT3, and probably much more will come in the near future.
I will have no problem at all downloading the code and compiling it
out-of-the-box, but people using gcc 3.2 will have.

So, IMMO it's better to build KDE3 using gcc 2.95 right now, and wait
for the gcc's transition to start and the maintainers to update their
debian dirs accordingly.

In the end, I built KDE3 on a very low-end system, an AMD K6-2@400 Mhz,
using very strong optimizations (-O3 -march=k6 -ffast-math
-fstrict-aliasing -malign-functions=4) and it's FAST and stable  :-)

Just my opinion, any feedback will be appreciated.


Paolo Ulivi
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