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Re: woody deb's for 3.1 branch.....

Ralf Nolden wrote:

> [...]
> Dirk's observation with libpng is correct and it's due to imlib. So this
> time, I installed imlib-dev together with libpng2-dev and changed the qt
> dependencies to using libpng2 instead 

Hmm, due to Woody's original libqt3 is linked against libpng3, I don't think 
it'd be a good idea.

> [...] so kdegraphics will build.

Isn't kuickshow the only component needing imlib?
If that's right, I wouldn't mind not having it within the KDE 3.1 packages 
-just like before in KDE 3.0. Maybe it's possible to get kuickshow linked 
statically, if someone misses kuickshow much?



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