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Re: Karolina's KDE 3.1RC5 broke my SDL development.

On Monday 16 December 2002 08:53 pm, Doug Holland wrote:
> Apparently, Karolina's KDE3.1RC5 packages came with its own version of SDL,
> which conflicted with Sid's SDL packages and removed them.  Unfortunately,
> there is no libsdl-dev package that has the SDL headers, so my development
> work, which requires SDL has ground to a halt.
> Are there any easy workarounds to this?  If I try installing the Sid SDL
> packages, dselect asks me to remove every KDE3.1 package on my system.
> Of course, these kinds of issues wouldn't happen if KDE3 was in unstable
> months ago like it should, but I'm not bitter...

Spiffy, there is now a libsdl1.2-dev package in Karolina's packages that 
works.  Thanks, Karolina


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