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Re: after dist-upgrading konsole won't load: returns SIGSEGV error

On Tuesday 24 December 2002 03:16, Jason Vagner wrote:

> I apt-get update, apt-get upgrade and everything is fine.
> Then I apt-get dist-upgrade and it loads a bunch of stuff. Most
> everything at this point seems fine except that "konsole" won't run
> anymore. Returns a crash wizard screen.

I assume you are running sid with 3.0.x kde.

Now anyone correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that the problem is that the 
new libqt in sid is incompatible with the available kde packages causing 
various weird effects like apps taking a long time to load or not working at 
all like konsole.

One sollution would be to upgrade to karolinas KDE 3.1 packages. 

Else you must wait for the package maintainers to sort out any difficulties. 
In the meantime you can use xterm... :(


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