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Re: Fonts in konsole - again

On Fri, 27 Dec 2002, Cajus Pollmeier wrote:

> Just updated my kde box to kde-3.1.0+rc5+kl-1. All fonts in KDE are
> correct, except the ones in konsole. All normal fixed fonts get
> mapped to some Courier style font which can't display graphical
> characters used i.e. by dselect or mc.
> I'm editing several font configurations for hours now, but I can't
> get konsole to display a proper fixed font.
> Any hints? I'm using xfs-xtt.

<shrug> Works for me,
using xfstt and the XF336-svga driver on sid/sarge.

Maybe your current or past fiddling has messed something up.
Try (guessing): dpkg-reconfigure-ing stuff you've been playing with,
take steps (whatever they may be) to force the regeneration of
generated files (font directories, aliases, ?).

Sorry I can't be more specific; I've never had a problem with fonts
which Debian didn't fix before it was annoying enough for me to delve
into the matter.


- Bruce

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