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Re: Normal users can't login..

I had a problem once with the same symptoms. My disk space was too low to allow users to log in. Root has a certain percentage of disk space reserved for such situations, to allow you to log in and free up space. You could run "apt-get clean" to clear out your package cache, if you don't mind deleting all of the programs that you have downloaded.


Corey Kovacs wrote:

After upgrading to Karolina's rc5 packages last week, I've had a problem which is preventing normal users from logging in. Root can login just fine, but if my normal user id is used, then things pause for roughly 20 seconds, then ksplash comes up the the "Setting up Interprocess communications" message and then sits there for another 20-30 seconds, then falls back to the login screen. I've watched/checked all the log files that apply, but nothing is revealed. I'd like to get this resolved soon. Is/has anyone been dealing with this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I've even reverted back to Karolina's qt packages to no avail...


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