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Re: some problems with kde 3.1.0-rc5

Le jeu 26/12/2002 à 03:59, Wolfgang Mader a écrit :

> second:
> i am using sim. there was nothing about it but now it say to me:
> 03:55:30 [DBG] Connect to login.icq.com:5190
> 03:55:40 [DBG] Slot error 1
> 03:55:40 [WRN] Socket error
> 03:55:40 [DBG] Error: 2
> it sits there and try to connect all the time on always producing the same 
> errors.
>  i think this must be a kde related problem because the sim version did not 
> change. and if i use another icq client (ickle) everything is all right.
> sim is using the following packages:

I have the same problem with kopete. I tried to change my version of
kopete for a cvs snapshot, but the problem remain.

my kde packages come from http://shakti.ath.cx/debian/kde3.1/


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