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Re: kmail no longer setting message-ID?

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Am Freitag, 27. Dezember 2002 19:47 schrieb John Gay:
> I've recently started getting SPAM rejects from the xpert mailing list.
> Since I didn't know how to understand the spam assassin report, I asked for
> clarification.
> Among the errors reported was that kmail was not setting the message-ID in
> my mails.
> I can't seem to find anywhere in the kmail configuration for this? Is this
> a serious issue? So far xpert is the only list tat complains, but it might
> explain why I'm not getting replies to other questions I post elsewhere.

No, its an optional setting with default to "off" because the kmail 
programmers realized (back in KDE2.2.2) that not the MUA is responsible for 
the Message-ID but the first MTA. Why? Because all dial-up computers create 
non-unique Message-ID because it cannot be assured that the servername part 
of the Message-ID is unique (mostly, a local dummy name is chosen).
Unfortunately, some use local MTAs with locale names and the same thing 
The setting can be found on the 4th icon ("create messages" ?) and there the 
last tab.

BTW: your message has a Message-ID by murphy.debian.org. Tell your ISP or 
whatever to fix their MTA because it is broken.


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