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Re: dialy wine: for woody?

tomas pospisek wrote:
On 23 Dec 2002, Andreas Goesele wrote:

Thanks for answering. But I'm looking for woody packages. And the
libwine there doesn't look like woody. I get with wine from there:


Sorry, but the following packages have unmet dependencies:
 libwine: Depends: libc6 (>= 2.3.1-1) but 2.2.5-11.2 is to be installed
          Depends: libncurses5 (>= 5.3.20021109-1) but 5.2.20020112a-7 is to be installed

You might just as well check if installing those two libraries would have
a big effect.

apt-get install -s -t sid libwine libc6 libncurses5

(This is out of my head, you might want to check the options)

You have to add unstable sources to your apt/sources.list and pinpoint
them to stable.

I guess the impact will be pretty minimal.

I'd guess _not_!  Libc6 installs are always somewhat scary.  I'm well
and truly fsck'd after installing Mozilla from sid and getting
libc6-2.3.1.  I can't go back to libc6-2.2.5, because KDM won't start
anymore without 2.3, and I can't run anything in Java without 2.2.


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