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Karolina debs - font anti-aliasing not working


after comming back home from christmas holiday my kde didn't work. I rememberd 
that I upgraded some packages but didn't remeber which. After trying some 
things I found out that the qtlibs are the guilty package. I didn't managed 
to go back to a working qt/kde3.0.x installation and so I decided to install 
Karolina's KDE3.1 debs and the qtlibs from sid. Nearly everythings is fine 
now besides that Font anti-aliasing is not working anymore. When I install 
some older qtlibs (3.1.0) anti-aliasing is working but some apps don't work 
(ie. konqueror). 

Does anyone know if there is a libqt3 package with aa enabled? Or do I have to 
compile my own qt? Or is there another way to re-enable font anti-aliasing 
(and, oh yes, I tried the button in the kde control center _really_ often - 
withou success.)

System: Debian/unstable; KDE3.1RC5-Karolina; libqt 3.1.1+cvs.20021220-1

so long,

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