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Re: Miscellaneous issues

On Monday 09 Dec 2002 7:49 pm, David Bishop wrote:
> >  Printing m's.  I *think* this is a KWord issue.  When printing
> >  to my HP LaserJet 1200, the rightspace on m's is missing, so
> >  every m runs into the next character.  Printing from kedit (f.e.)
> >  doesn't show this problem.  Anyone else seeing this?
> Using the same font? Any font?  What happens if you print to a pdf, then
> use kprinter to print the pdf?

This problem is deinately a kword only problem. You will probably find it 
works well with either postscript or truetype fonts, and badly with the other 
(i forget which way round). Printing to file makes no difference as the same 
postscript is still generated. Kword has been plagued by problems with its 
printing system, most of which have been cleared up. If your not using the 
latest version it would definately be worth upgrading. I personally have 
always found openoffice.org to be better (albeit slower and less kde 
integrated) than koffice, in terms of features and reliability. Although it 
does need some LD_PRELOAD= and interface font changes before it works well 
for me.


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