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Re: Warning

Le Lundi 30 Décembre 2002 18:02, Charles de Miramon a écrit :
> Le Lundi 30 Décembre 2002 16:09, Karolina Lindqvist a écrit :
> > I updated to latest debian "unstable" level, and my KDE does not work
> > anymore. These break-everything debian updates makes me kind of tired
> > sometimes.
 Me too... A recent update broke printing and it took me long hours to
 understand which package to downgrade, very frustrating when you try using
 your linux box for your work and have deadlines.

 I was wondering if you can get the Knoppix distribution as a normal Debian
 archive and not as a CD. That is what I'm looking for : uptodate software,
 KDE, desktop applications and the comfort of apt-get...



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