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Re: Strange text marking behaviour

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On Monday 16 Dec 2002 18:50, Hendrik Sattler wrote:

> Next thing is: you can mark text in kmail before answering. But click on
> the _left_ of a line and (while holding the mouse button) try to mark it.
> *Aaaarg* it begins to mark from the _right_ end of the line instead of the
> _left_ end. WHY? Instead I have to begin to mark text in the beginning of
> the previous line. Someone messed things up pretty good here. The other way
> to achive this is to hit _exactly the first letter. Hah, I want to see the
> guy that can do this easily with a 'I' or 'l' on higher resolutions.
> (anyway, this applies to all KDE3 apps but e.g. mozilla does _not_ show
> this behaviour).

I've noticed this in kmail, but I subconsciously started moving the mouse up 
slightly at the beginning of the line - this causes kmail to select the line 
as expected.

It does not occur in the message composition window (such as this). It does 
occur in message previews and message windows, whether GPG signed or not. If 
you try this on a GPG signed message, you can see that the 'trip-point' is 
the left edge of the GPG marked/coloured box. (My view is set to 'Fancy').

Debian testing/unstable. KDE 3.0.4-1 from kde.org.


Paul Cupis
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